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Corporate Training and Development Programs
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CEL delivers Top Class Quality, Specialist as well as Foundational, Professional Training and Development Short Courses for any Hong Kong Corporate or Organization. Best Trainers and Industry Based International Consultants deliver our HK Training Programs In-House.

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'Best' In-House Corporate Training Programs Provider HK Short Courses
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CEL HK : In-House Training Class Size

You can now sponsor in-house training courses with as few as six (6) class participants.
Please contact
+852 28381182 for details.

New CEL HK : Executive Coaching Services in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Executive Coaching Programs

We offer personal executive coaching in Hong Kong for expatriate and local staff.

New CEL HK Program : Business English Training in Hong Kong

Business English for Clear, Courteous and Convincing Communication

English Consultancy for Corporate Communication


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Hong Kong Training & Development Programs : Business + Management + Soft Skills + Information Technology + Staff Coaching / Corporate Training In-House Short Courses. Best Training Programs : Managerial + Business Leadership +  IT + Soft Skills Short Term Courses in HK, China and Asia Pacific Region. CEL is Provider of Top Class Quality, Foundational as well as Specialist, International Short Courses Hong Kong.

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