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CEL Hong Kong In-House Corporate Training and Development Programs, comprising seminars and workshops. Professional coaching programmes and training courses delivered on-site for Hong Kong corporate company, or any other organization, by expert CEL provider trainers, hand-picked for their expert knowledge and top class ability to teach and coach others. Delivering customised courses, foundational as well as specialist, will enable your staff to learn about problems, systems and real-life situations in a focused manner. Training programmes are executed at a time, location and pace that suits your work. Entire corporate teams or departments can be trained at the same time involving a minimum of six (6) participants.

We take care of all logistical arrangements and administration. You select the training programs to suit your corporate company needs - we will provide the course materials, as well as associated resources, to make your in-house training event a success.

Team Building and Team Management Skills

Management and Supervisory Skills

Leadership Skills

Sales and Selling Skills

Information Technology Skills

Communicating Skills

Personal Effectiveness

Project Management Skills

Creativity • Innovation • Problem Solving Skills
Team Building and Team Management Training Programs
Coaching • Seminars • Workshops

Building a High Performance Team 如何建立卓越的團隊 - As organizations become more flat and less hierarchical, team working is quickly becoming the preferred practice in many firms today. Training program explore key elements needed in good corporate Hong Kong team building, and to coach participants with the skills and techniques required to both lead and contribute to good team work. This Hong Kong executive coaching program adopts an experimental approach enabling participants to learn how to build up a top class in-house team and work with others.

Nurturing your Team 培育你的高效能團隊 - Frontline workers are often promoted to become managers and supervisors because of experience or performance. Whilst these managers are technically competent, they often lack the necessary people skills to carry out their corporate responsibilities effectively to develop and manage their teams. Training program coaches newly promoted Hong Kong executives with the skills needed to build up and nurture best corporate teams. Skills acquired by participants will result in more productive company executive relationships, better teamwork, greater harmony and higher morale at the workplace.

Team Communication 團隊溝通策略 - Feeling confident to share ideas, facilitates an individual to think out of the box thus enabling support and achievement of team goals - and 'acceptance of each other' is a primary source of achieving psychological safety. Training program develops one’s mindset, as well as skill-set, enabling course attendees to thrive on commonality, and to also enjoy each others differences.

Personality Styles in Team Communication 性格分析 : 把握團隊溝通技巧 - Blending interest, initiatives and motivation of self with others to produce mutually satisfying results is the key to successful team communication. Training workshop participants will have the following takeaways: define essential traits to achieve good team efficiency; build on commonalities and enjoy team differences; know personality style of self and others; discover the key to rapport building; convey clear messages by finding the right context; motivate initiatives on task and on relationship; listen to understand differences and prioritise; manage differences in team expectations, roles and interests; connecting team members with different personalities.

Personality Styles and Team Work 性格取向與團隊合作 - People with different social styles have different communication patterns, are motivated by different driving forces, are interested in different things, and have different conflict management patterns. Understanding this difference in the way people think and behave is essential to improving team communication and harmony between people. Through games, fun discussions, self assessment and role plays, the training program will guide participants to identify the social styles for themselves and others, understand the differences between the various styles, and the way to interact with others more effectively.

Developing Team Effectiveness and Collaboration 建立團隊效能與協作能力 - Training program explores key elements needed for good Hong Kong team building, and coaches participants with the best skills and techniques required to both lead as well as contribute to top class team work. Skills learnt in this training program will help participants build their own teams at the workplace.

Collaboration and Emotional Intelligence 掌控情商 - 促進職場合作 - IQ, technical skills and experience, in combination, contribute to employment competence. When IQ is combined with EQ (Emotional Intelligence) it invariably achieves significant efficiency in any given work situation. Practising EQ increases the ability to be flexible in adapting one’s innate skills and experience, and to motivate oneself as well as others. Can EQ be learnt? YES, It can.

Sample Team Building Training Program 團隊建設方案(示例) - Explores necessary elements required for building good teams in a corporate environment, and coaches Hong Kong attendees with top class skills required to lead as well as contribute for the best team work. Skills learnt in this training program will assist attendees to build their own teams at the workplace.

Coaching and Motivating Your Work Team 如何訓練及激勵你的團隊 - Having a skilled and motivated workforce is vital for an organization, regardless of the corporate mission and strategies. Knowing how to coach and motivate staff is now an essential skill for company executives in Hong Kong. The training program provides participants with the skills and techniques to coach and motivate others, especially their own work teams. Click Here!

Hong Kong Team Building Training
July - September 2019

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Leadership and Managerial Skills Training Programs

Management and Supervisory Skills Training Programs
Coaching • Seminars • Workshops

Managing People for Win-Win Results 雙贏思維的管理策略 - Training programme aims to coach Hong Kong executives with top class knowledge and skills to become highly competent at leading and influencing others to achieve good results. Business managers will be able to implement best in-class practices for leadership and communication; harmonize and apply tools and practices to optimize productivity; develop a learning attitude for self and others.

Survival Skills for Managers and Supervisors 管理人員必備的生存技能 - Training program coaches Hong Kong executives / supervisors and supervisors-to-be with the best skills to carry out their work effectively. Skills acquired by business managers will result in more productive relationships, better teamwork, greater harmony and higher morale at the workplace.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and World of Work 人工智能時代下的人力資源策略 - What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and why has it now become a significant feature in our daily lives? AI will imminently change the world as we know it, and the consequential changes, as well as their impacts, will have multifarious dimensions. Training program will provide the necessary catalyst for change enabling many Human Resources (HR) management functions to take strategic advantage of what AI has to offer.

Operational Risk Management - All Industries  操作風險管理 - 適用於所有行業 - Training program gives participants a contemporary oversight of the nature and scale of risk and provides a sound knowledge and understanding of the principles, framework and process of Operational Risk Management. It coaches course delegates with the knowledge, skills, tools and templates to effectively identify, analyse, evaluate and manage operational risk to internationally recognised standards.

Operational Risk Management - Live Entertainment and Performance Industry 操作風險管理 - 現場娛樂和表演業 - Training program has been specifically tailored to be relevant to those working in the live HK entertainment business, such as theatres, stage, arena, sports, and any other public performance events within Hong Kong.

Delegation Skills 管理者的權責分配技巧 - Common problem is the lack of ability, or willingness, for corporate managers to delegate work and responsibilities effectively. Managers who fail to delegate not only quickly become a burnout victim, they also miss an important opportunity to develop their staff. Training program coaches Hong Kong executives with top class skills to delegate effectively, thus resulting in a happier workforce, more productive relationships, better teamwork, greater harmony, and higher morale at the workplace.

Adapting to Change 面對職場上改變的適應力 - Our social environment is characterised by the pace of market change, and it is vital to manage this change effectively in order to excel by turning this opportunity into positive results. Training program aims at providing comprehensive knowledge, as well as coaching the best skills to cope with change, so that this challenge can be turned into opportunities for growth.

Change Management Workshop 管理變革與創新 - In booming days, social environment is characterised by the pace of market change, and it is vital to manage such changes effectively in order to excel by turning this opportunity into positive results. Training program coaches Hong Kong executives aiming at developing the knowledge, as well as necessary skills, on leading and coping with change, and turning this challenge into best opportunities for corporate business growth.

Mastering Strategy and Turning Strategy into Results 掌握策略並將策略轉化為成果 - Training program is about getting things done. Be it strategic action, corporate objectives or tasks from appraisal ─ this program will show you how to do it in the best way possible. The program is suited for anyone in a supervisory or executive management role in Hong Kong who need to get work done through others, even if they do not report to you directly.

Interviewing Skills to Recruit the Right Candidate 篩選出關鍵人才的面試技巧 - Customising the formulas to assess education, experience, skills and personality desired for job specific behaviours is a key to selecting the right candidate. Training program enables the participants to master a result-focused process for rightly selecting candidates that best suits the competency-based requirements.

Interviewing Skills Workshop 甄選面試技巧工作坊 - Hiring decisions are often made based on the performance of a candidate at an interview. It is therefore crucial for executive managers to be equipped with the proper techniques and skills to conduct interviews effectively. Training workshop participants will acquire interviewing skills which will enable them to select the best people for their organizations.

Successful Interviewing 成功的甄選面試技巧 - Recruitment and the selection process is one of the key management tools. In this training program you will learn the latest and best techniques covering all of the nine (9) critical part of the process. Not only will you learn about behavioural-based program for successful recruitment  – you will also be able to do successful recruitment using a process approach.

Investigative Interviewing 調查面試/會談 - Training workshop will coach participants to have a much deeper understanding of the process of interview, question types and techniques. It will demonstrate and allow attendees to plan and practise both Conversation Management and Cognitive styles to effectively interview witnesses, victims and suspects in order to obtain the maximum possible dependable information or evidence from the process.

Finance for Non-Finance Executives 為非財務主管而設的財務基本功 - Training program explains tools and concepts for analyzing financial statement and evaluating company investment decisions. Business executives will be coached in methods that will help them to assess the financial health of their department, measure financing needs, determine budgets and investment proposals, as well as how these requirements should be financed.

Win-Win Negotiation Skills 雙贏談判技巧 - Training program will help you understand your own as well as others negotiation styles, and apply the best techniques. This will enable you to produce win-win result in various negotiation situations. By taking part in actual business case analysis and role plays, course participants can experience the negotiation process from a different angle and enhance their personal set of skills.

Influencing and Negotiating for Win-Win 達致雙贏的影響力及談判策略 - Companies often need to negotiate in order to get the best terms when they purchase materials or sell products. People at work also need to negotiate with one another over shared resources, departmental interests, or ways to do things. The purpose of this Hong Kong training program is to coach best knowledge, top class skills and techniques to influence and negotiate with others in work situations.

Negotiation Workshop for Merchandisers : Ensuring the best deal every time 推銷談判策略工作坊 - Purpose of training program is to coach good knowledge, skills and techniques for HK merchandisers. The program will examine an effective strategy in price negotiation, as well as the process and techniques involved in persuasive communication.

Coaching and Feedback Skills 管理者必學的指導與反饋技巧 - Organizations today must be able to do more with less in order to survive and prosper. The ability to discover and utilize employees full potential to achieve the organization's goals has become a critical survival tool. To this end, many corporates' have used coaching as a means to develop their staff, to help them resolve problems, as well as a tool to motivate. Training program coaches Hong Kong executive managers, supervisors and human resources executives the best skills required to coach, and to coach feedback to their employees.

Mentoring Skills 如何成為下屬的導師 - Mentoring has been an effective way to develop leaders since ancient times. Today, mentoring has become an effective method for businesses to help employees with orientation, career advancement, problem solving, coaching, support, and leadership development. In addition, mentors can assist employees to deal with the challenges associated with successful, productive, meaningful work-life. Training workshop coaches Hong Kong executives top class skills and knowledge to contribute constructively, as well as be an effective mentor in the context of their organization’s mentoring programme.

Key to Engaging Your Workforce 吸引優秀員工的關鍵 - A one-day training workshop to help Hong Kong corporate team leaders, supervisors and managers create a more dynamic, loyal and engaged workforce to support business growth in a dynamic environment. Training program is designed specifically to help the people manager understand what their team members want and to coach them with a starting point for creating champions. Click Here!

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Leadership and Managerial Skills Training Programs

Leadership Skills Training Programs
Coaching • Seminars • Workshops

Leadership Skills 領導力訓練工作坊 - To succeed in an ever-changing corporate business landscapes, Hong Kong organizations need to focus on their core competence by building the strengths of their managers. To facilitate corporate development, company executives must be able to upgrade their set of Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge in order to set the best examples for the teams they are leading. Training program coaches Hong Kong Executives with top class perspectives to lead others effectively, and is especially useful for those who are open to new management practices.

Leadership Coaching 企業教練服務 - Training program adopts the Harrison Assessment concept of balancing one’s dynamic and gentle traits to exert the highest influence. The coach will aim to optimize team leaders’ behavioural competencies to drive, develop and motivate team members to deliver desirable and sustainable results. The coachee will sharpen and deepen their leadership skills consistently involving any communication. The objective of leadership coaching Hong Kong is to induce behavioural change such that HK leaders will accelerate their task and people management skills.

Influential Leadership 成為激勵人心的領導者 - In a world of rapid changes and innovations, it is surprising to see many organizations are still governed by management practices that were essentially developed in the Industrial Age. Training program coaches Hong Kong executives with four (4) best perspectives to lead others in a rapidly changing corporate environment. The program is especially useful for those HK business executives who are open to new management practices, and prefer innovation to strict compliance in their business environment.

Leading a High Performance Team 領導高績效團隊的法則 - Training program coaches Hong Kong executives with the skills and techniques needed to lead others in a teamwork company environment. Through discussions, games and exercises, participants will learn how best to lead a high performance team in order to achieve common corporate goals while developing its individual team members.

Five (5) Practices of an Influential Leader 五個習慣令你成為成功領導者 - Training program coaches Hong Kong executives with the best concepts, skills and techniques to lead others in a teamwork environment. Through various experimental and customised workshop activities, business executive participants will learn how to lead a team achieve company goals while developing its individual team members.

Innovations in Leadership (Process-Focused Approach) 變革型領導力 - Training program will coach Hong Kong executives with critical processes needed to be an effective modern leader in any corporate organization, within either the Public or Private sector. This is a unique opportunity for HK company executives to master the latest techniques and best processes that will make a difference - you can use these powerful techniques yourself or for showing to others.

21st Century Sun Tzu Leadership 21世紀的孫子兵法領導謀略 - Training program participants will learn how to apply Sun Tzu leadership concepts to create an edge in their organization by aligning the efforts and talents of different generations of the workforce. The program examines how leaders can tap into some of the best timeless wisdom which would help them lead and meet the challenges in today’s business environment. Click Here!

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Leadership and Managerial Skills Training Programs

Communicating Skills Training Programs
Coaching • Seminars • Workshops

Influencing Others without Formal Authority 令人心悅誠服的非權力性影響力 - Managers often need to work with people over whom they do not have formal authority. These people may be their peers, superiors, cross-functional colleagues, contractors, suppliers, even customers. Hong Kong training program coaches participants with top class skills and techniques to influence and lead others without formal authority, and will be especially helpful for those involved in team work, projects, volunteer groups, or those building a small business for themselves.

Presentation Skills Workshop 專業演講技巧工作坊 - Many professionals report experiencing reluctance and anxiety presenting to an audience. Others have problems keeping a presentation on focus and on time. To the public this represents lack of professionalism at best, and a loss of business opportunities at worst. Training program coaches Hong Kong participants with best skills, techniques and opportunities to practise the planning as well as delivering in public of an effective and professional presentation.

Storytelling for Engaging Presentation 以故事連繫聽眾 - 故事式的演講技巧 - Storytelling is a powerful means of communication. It connects people. The most successful presenters are storytellers. Training program participants will learn how to build engagement and inspire people to take action; master storytelling techniques in business presentation; understand the audience and match your stories relevant to their experience and interests; apply emotional power to the stories by eye focus, voice, posture and gestures to have a much better chance of resonating with the listeners; master the art as a good communicator to incorporate storytelling seamlessly into “best and natural style".

Persuasive Presentation Skills Workshop 說服式演講技巧工作坊 - Training program will introduce and build the participants' techniques of making a successful public presentation. Attendees will discover the four (4) P's of Persuasive Presentations to be clear, concise and credible via a systematic process - 'Plan', 'Prepare', 'Practice', 'Present'.

Influencing Skills to Power Up Persuasion 提高影響力以加強說服力 - Persuasion gets one to sell ideas. To get buy-in from customers, bosses, peers and subordinates, one needs to adapt to their real needs. To be able to adapt and connect to speed up the result, influencing both the functional and the psychological aspects of communication will make a difference in getting higher results. Hong Kong training program participants will learn about: awareness of how to build on their own strengths; influence as an accelerator of persuasion; differences between persuasion, influence and manipulation; drivers which get people to say yes; motivation of the conscious and unconscious mind; communication models to connect with conscious mind; connect on unconscious level with body language and voice; ideas selling presentation; assertiveness at negotiation.

Presentation and Communication Skills 職場演講與溝通技巧 - Training program focuses on both the theoretical and practical sides of business communication and presentation, with Hong Kong course participants having lots of opportunities to practice during training workshops.

Public Speaking Skills 專業演講技巧訓練 - Public speaking is a critical skill for present day societal leaders. Yet this skill is not a natural ability for most people. Many suffer from stage fright, do not know how to organize a speech, and have difficulty presenting their message effectively, thus resulting in a negative outcome. Training program coaches participants with good tools and best techniques to organize and deliver effective public speeches in Hong Kong.

Assertiveness Skills 堅定自信技巧訓練 - Influence and communicate to build trust and rapport with your colleagues, superiors and customers. Training program participants will develop the following skills: understand essential attributes of trust building; identify checklist of trust building behaviours; learn communication model to speak confidently; build credibility with verbal / non-verbal language; learn personal and social emotional intelligence; practise empathetic listening techniques; adapt to different personality styles; negotiate expectations to achieve win-win outcome.

Pro-activity and Assertiveness 保持積極性與堅定自信技巧 - Training program clarifies why one needs to be proactive in today’s Hong Kong business environment; develop a habit for being proactive; identify one’s own comfort zone in communication; inform, persuade, control and coordinate assertively.

Embracing Feedback 提高接受反饋能力 : 從批評得到進步 - An essential ingredient in cultivating a learning environment is to encourage staff to develop a positive and open mind-set for feedbacks. Training programme coaches the best skills for people to receive feedback from others while enhancing one’s self-worth. The result is a happy workforce, and an organisation that learns and grows every day.

DiSC® Training - DiSC® 工作行為取向及性格分析工作坊 - DiSC® is the leading personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. The DiSC® model provides a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and to adapt their behaviours with others. This can be within a work team, a sales relationship, a leadership position, or other relationship. DiSC® is non-judgmental and helps people discuss their behavioural differences.

Effective Communication Strategies 有效管理溝通策略 - Have you ever wondered why it seems so difficult to talk with some people and so easy to talk with others? Can you recall where you met someone for the first time and immediately liked that person? Training programme will help participants understand the impact that their communication skills have on other people. Training participants will also explore how improving these skills can make it easier for them to get along in the workplace, and in life.

Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills 人際關係與有效溝通技巧工作坊 - Meeting others' expectations successfully is a key to effective communication. Forming trust in interpersonal relations speeds up team efficiency and enhances job satisfaction. Training workshop develops participants skills in the following aspects: follow an audience-focus direction; plan the relevant content of a messages; speak a precise and credible language; practise active and empathetic listening; give and get feedback to drive improvement; be aware of communication behaviours; adapt communication styles; select suitable communication channels; apply effective communication using any channel.

Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills in The Workplace 職場人際關係與溝通技巧 - Interpersonal communications is just about the most important skill to master in any business setting. The abilities for staff to get one's ideas across effectively, to get information from others efficiently, to listen to others actively, and to handle questions appropriately are fundamental to an organization’s success. Training programme coaches Hong Kong participants with top class skills required for effective interpersonal communication, especially in team working and in communicating with customers. Acquisition of such skills will help staff members communicate with greater clarity and purpose, leading to more productive relationships.

Persuasive Proposal and Report Writing 提升建議書和報告的說服力 - Professionals constantly compete for their readers' attention to engage their interest and to influence their decisions. The more time professionals invest in writing, the more they want to master the best skills to add impact and to drive results. Training program aims to elevate good writing techniques of the course participants by raising readability and persuasion through a sharp focus to get attention and buy-in.

Effective Business and Email Writing 商務文件及電郵寫作技巧 - To be successful in business writing means building rapport with your readers and getting results. To be persuasive, you will develop a reader-focused business writing style in structure, content and language. Takeaways in this training programme are: overcome challenges in writing; know the process for continued improvement; sharpen a reader-focused structure; adapt style to suit different levels of readers; use templates to engage reader’s commitment to action; learn about templates for progress and analytical reports; build rapport with a balance of facts and tact; develop clear, concise and correct language.

Communicating and Writing Clearly to Get Attention and Results 人際關係與有效溝通技巧工作坊 - Training workshop coaches, develops and fine tunes smart oral and written communication practices in being clear, concise and concrete. Training program participants will master a key communication principle – WIIFM (What’s In IT For Me) - to influence audience attention, engagement and commitment in speaking and in writing.Click Here!

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Presenting / Communicating / Writing Skills Training Programs

Sales and Selling Skills Training Programs
Coaching • Seminars • Workshops

Sales Presentation Skills 業務銷售簡報技巧 - Sales training program will coach you to ensure that you connect with the audience, create the right business impression and deliver stronger, more powerful sales presentations.

Consultative Selling Skills 顧問式銷售技巧 - Training program will enable sales personnel to: project an image of confidence and pride;  sell products / services rather than miss opportunities; hone in their ability to understand customer situation; match customer needs to product / service features and benefits; present solutions confidently and professionally; enhance their confidence to be able to negotiate; handle objections in professional manner.

Professional Sales Coaching 專業銷售激勵訓練 - Training program is for sales managers who need to: overcome coaching fears and create receptivity to coaching; build team support for coaching and skill improvement; provide good feedback that motivates and leads to a positive change; help sales people plan their objectives before a call; observe sales people and collect relevant information during the call; use data after a call to determine what coaching is needed; enhance the ability of sellers to better understand their customers.

The Art of Sales Coaching  銷售輔導技巧 - Being an outstanding sales person and managing a sales team requires different sets of skills and attitudes altogether. Yet, many Hong Kong corporate sales managers are not equipped with right tools to get better results from an otherwise talented sales team. Using insights in what probably is the earliest leadership guidebook known in history, The Art of War by Sun Tzu, we can learn from time-tested observations of ancient battlefields and apply them in today's business battles.

The Art of Sales Negotiations  戰略談判 - Training program is created as a result of one-to-one coaching with sales people from a variety of industries across 19 cities in Asia, based on tried-and-proven techniques that has been applied to many corporate business situations worldwide. Program has been tried and modified to ensure that it delivers good results for Hong Kong sales people, including those in the Chinese context.

Key Account Management 大客戶管理 - Providing outstanding services to retain key accounts is vital, and can be highly beneficial for a corporation. Training program coaches the best understanding and skills for Hong Kong executives to manage their key accounts effectively. Participants will learn about: fundamentals of company account management; role of the account manager; managing the relationship; building long term commitment; successful strategies for account development.

Key Account Selling  大客戶銷售 - Training program was created as a result of one-to-one coaching with key accounts sales people from a variety of industries across 13 Asian cities. The program has been re-tested to ensure that sales people deliver best business results, especially in the Asian context. Training program outcomes ensure that participants understand and anticipate key accounts' business needs so as to grow the account for the future, understand and build strong relationships with influential people of key accounts, and to allocate the right roles for each key account team member in order to service the key account as a team.

Psyche-Selling  銷售攻心術 (How to get into Customers Minds and make Sales) - Training program is created as a result of one-to-one coaching with sales people from a variety of industries across 13 cities in Asia. This programme has been tried, modified, and re-tested to make sure that it delivers good results for sales people, especially in the Asian context.Click Here!

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Business Etiquette / Selling / Customer Service Skills Training Programs

Information Technology Training Programmes
Coaching • Seminars • Workshops

Web Marketing Fundamentals 網絡營銷基礎 - Potential of using the Web to market Hong Kong businesses, products and services in a rapid and profitable manner is massive, 'if' done correctly. However, there are multifarious factors that need to be considered and leveraged for successful Web marketing to be accomplished. Training programme deals with important concepts and procedures of Web Marketing, and attendees will have the opportunity to experience the latest tools and techniques currently used by successful Web based enterprises.

Web Application Testing : Principles & Practice Web 應用程序測試:理論與實踐 - Training programme addresses fully the issues related to Website applications testing. It coaches Hong Kong attendees with the knowledge as well as practical skills to identify, plan and carry out different forms of Web-based applications testing; these include significant functional, security and performance tests.

Web Application Security : Hacker Attacks & Defence Web 應用程序安全:黑客攻擊和防禦 - Training programme attendees learn how Website hacker attacks occur, identifies Web application attack categories, and the hacking training workshops demonstrate various Web application security tools and techniques to test as well as defend Websites from exploitation of Web applications security vulnerabilities.

Cloud Computing for Business and IT Professionals 為企業和IT專業人員而設的雲端計算課程 - Foundational training program in Hong Kong coaches a practical, hands-on overview of this fast moving technology across three layers - software, platforms and infrastructure - benefiting those organizations who are considering adoption of the Cloud Computing approach to their IT operations. On completing the training, HK program attendees will be able to evaluate as well as effectively deploy Cloud based computing environments and applications.

Cloud Computing Systems : Analysis and Testing 雲端計算系統 - 分析與測試 - In-depth training program deals with important aspects of Cloud Computing Systems Analysis and Testing, empowering Hong Kong attendees to comprehensively assess Cloud Computing based system implementations involving significant threats and risks, important security features, testing and solutions, as well as essential performance characteristics and assessment.

IT Project Management IT 項目管理 - Training program identifies why so many IT projects fail, and demonstrates how the adoption of best practice techniques can avoid, as well as overcome, many problems that IT project managers have to face. The program contents are designed for new and experienced Hong Kong project managers wanting to understand best practice approaches in managing IT Projects.

The System Requirements Journey 系統要求理論和方法 - An accurate and acceptable requirement specification remains the most critical element in deploying new technology. Research has shown that mistakes made during this phase is the most common cause for IT project failure. Training program takes Hong Kong course attendees through the Requirements Analysis process needed for a project.

Business Consulting Skills for IT Professionals IT專業人員的業務諮詢技巧 - IT professionals today need to have excellent technical skills, but they also require excellent business and consulting skills. Training program is designed to demonstrate how commercial consulting practices can assist internal IT groups to deliver superior IT solutions to its Hong Kong customers, and includes workshops with case studies to allow participants to reinforce the skills learned.

Introduction to Big Data Concepts 大數據基本理論課程 - Big Data is a significant issue in today’s world of digital connectivity with daily Petra-bytes of data being transferred internationally. Hence, there is increasing need for knowledge and skills, to organize the data and provide analysis required for decision making, especially for businesses. Hong Kong training programme teaches basic concepts allowing easy grasp and appreciation of Big Data making it possible for course participants to understand their needs as well as influence the design of processes and tools required.Click Here!

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Project Management / Technical / Speciality Skills Training Programmes

Project Management Skills Training Programmes
Coaching • Seminars • Workshops

Project Management Workshop 項目管理工作坊 - Training programme coaches participants a comprehensive overview of the processes, skills, tools and techniques required to lead a project. Through a series of simulated exercises, games and discussions, training programme participants will experience the joy and benefits of applying a good, proven methodology to project management.

Project Management for Busy People 給大忙人的項目管理工具與技巧 - Training programme provides an overview of the processes, skills, tools and techniques required to lead any given project. Different from other project management programs, it reduces the project management paper work to a bare minimum, and focuses on essential tools as well as people interaction skills to help Hong Kong project managers do their work effectively.

People Interaction in Project Management 在項目管理中掌握人際關係 - Projects are as good as the people who work on them. As such, much of a project’s success depends on how well a project manager interacts with his / her team members and other stakeholders. Purpose of the training programme is to coach Hong Kong project managers with top class skills to interact with others to ensure success of a project. Click Here!

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Project Management / Technical / Speciality Skills Training Programmes

Personal Effectiveness Training Programmes
Coaching • Seminars • Workshops

6-Star Customer Service Excellence 六星級的待客之道 - In our competitive business world, building customer trust and maintaining their loyalty are a professionals’ top priorities. They need to communicate their ability, attitude and discipline to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations. Customer support should be provided consistently throughout the service process. In this Hong Kong training programme, participants will develop their service skills by learning how to: build rapport with customers; deliver service to meet customers’ needs; negotiate for business results; turning problems into opportunities.

Professional Telephone Skills 專業電話禮儀及接待技巧 - Training programme coaches participants with the skills involved in communicating over the telephone, from identifying the caller’s needs, to presenting information. Both internal and external callers have been taken into consideration in the design of course coverage.

Serving Customers from the Heart 以「心」為本的專業服務技巧 - Customers are the reasons businesses exist. Every manager must recognize this fundamental truth in business. While professionals focus their services to the customers on the technical side, managers often need to deal with the customers’ concerns, complaints, and even emotions. Training program coaches Hong Kong participants with top class skills and best tools to communicate with customers and handle their concerns effectively as well as professionally.

Customer Service and Complaint Handling 客戶服務與投訴處理技巧 - Complaints are rarely pleasant, but they often carry a positive intention. Many customer service personnel have adopted a negative attitude towards complaints, which can lead to unnecessary conflicts, anger and even sabotage. To handle customer complaints professionally and tactfully not only helps to resolve the issue at hand, but also raises the public image of the organisation. Training programme builds an awareness of providing extra service in complaint handling, as well as equipping program participants with communication skills to leverage on the positive intention, and turn a complaint into a win-win solution.

Managing your Time and Priorities 管理和優先化您的時間 - We all have 24 hours in a day. The difference between a highly effective and a less effective person often lies in how he or she manages these 24 hours. While we cannot create more time, we can certainly create more value from time. Training programme will help attendees identify what matters in their lives, and focus onto doing what matters more effectively.

Time and Task Management 時間與日程管理 - Time is a precious asset - so time needs to be utilized wisely. In today's corporate business world, staff members must know how to manage their time effectively, whilst fulfilling their task requirements. This Hong Kong training programme coaches a critical framework for participants to manage their time and task activities in the best way possible, in particular, they will learn how to prioritise, remove time wasters, and motivate self as well as others.

Time Management for Work-Life Balance 作好時間管理 -實踐工作與生活平衡 - Work faster, do less, and get smarter is the key to time and task management for Work-Life Balance. Hong Kong training programme participants will learn how to master their time investment in order to get good returns, set and schedule priorities, maintain work-life balance, and design best task processes.

Effective Meeting Skills 提升會議效率的技巧 - Meetings come in for a lot of criticism. There are too many of them. They are very expensive in salary and travelling costs. They often focus on trivialities and miss real issues. They are rated as the number one time-waster by most employees. But, most businesses cannot do without meetings. What Hong Kong organizations need is a way to manage meetings effectively to ensure the best use of everyone’s time. On completion of the training, programme participants will be able to: identify common pitfalls in running meetings; organize a meeting effectively; participate in a meeting productively; lead a meeting; deal with challenging situations.

Business Networking Skills 在商業世界中的人脈建立技巧 - A saying in the public relations industry goes, 'It matters more with how many people know you than with how many people you know'. People who know and appreciate you will promote you and your business, which is the ultimate public relation. In this training workshop, programme participants will develop the best skill-set to win others' trust and support.

Business Etiquette 商務禮儀入門 - Mastering good business etiquette is a valuable skill-set that will make one stand out from others, enhance chances of success and smoothen customer relationship to boost business bottom-line. This training workshop will help programme participants to act professionally, and exercise proper manners, in order to build a memorable impression for corporate success in Hong Kong.

Corporate Image and Business Etiquette 專業企業形象與商務禮儀工作坊 - In today's competitive business world, projecting a positive, professional image as a representative of your company is vital to your company's and your personal success. Before selling a product or your company, you have to sell yourself first. The training programme focuses on building best non-verbal communication and good behavioural skills. It will enable participants to acquire top class skills required to conduct oneself more confidently in business and social occasions, build deeper relationships that focus on giving and sharing, and building a professional Hong Kong corporate image.

Etiquette Training for Technical Professionals 技術專業人員的禮儀培訓 - Good business etiquette is a valuable skill-set that will make one stand out. During this training programme, HK participants will learn the secrets of people communication as well as help them act professionally and exercise good manners in the workplace, in relation to professionalism and business etiquette.

Personal Branding and Professional Image 如何建立職場個人品牌與專業形象 - We all agree that the first impression is everything when starting a great conversation in business. But how can you gain trust from customers or interviewers within minutes of first interaction? Is it important for your frontline staff to project the brand identity of your company? By mastering the art of professional business image and personal branding, one can adapt dynamically to meeting the needs in different situations and allowing oneself to dress and groom effectively to project one’s image with confidence and professionalism. This training workshop will help programme participants to recognize and build image details that distinguish oneself from the competition.

Handling Difficult People 處理刁難客戶的技巧 - Who are some difficult people to work with? They may be customers or long standing clients who have unrealistic expectations. They may be co-workers who have a different work style or different interests. To uphold productivity and integrity, the challenge is to manage these people. Training programme builds HK participants' confidence in handling difficult people with their complaints and disagreements. Participants will be equipped with techniques to practise in the following scenarios: staying calm under pressure; communicating assertively; analysing problematic situations; applying relevant methods to resolve conflict.

Managing Conflicts in the Workplace 如何解決職場衝突 - Conflicts can often expose hidden flaws in an organization. If not managed well, people conflicts can lead to great deal of damages, resulting in loss of morale and productivity. The training workshop coaches an overview of a conflict management process that can be applied to most corporate organizations in Hong Kong today. Through mini-lectures, discussions, simulated exercises and demonstrated role plays, participants will learn of the best steps needed to prevent, detect, resolve, as well as learn from people conflicts and complaints.

Managing Conflict and Disagreement (NLP Way) 衝突和分歧管理工作坊 - Being able to focus positive energy on work results enhances business efficiency and job satisfaction. Training workshop will develop participants' mind-set and skill-set with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) concepts as follows: become informed of how NLP principles work; engage others through trust building; nurture open attitude in viewing differences; define components of emotional intelligence; learn to manage emotions of self and of others'; learn 'Verbal, Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic' language.

Stress Management 壓力管理工作坊 - Training programme coaches participants with an understanding of the nature of stress, as well as its causes and effects, including the measures be adopted to manage stress at work. It will also coach course participants with the means to identify work satisfiers, in order to reduce staff attrition.Click Here!

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Personal Effectiveness Training Programmes

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Design Thinking Fundamentals 設計思考工作坊 - Training programme coaches Hong Kong participants with principles, best processes and techniques in adopting a 'Design Thinking' approach that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems.

Creative Thinking and Innovation 啟發創意思維與創新 - Creative thinking and innovation are vital components in our professional working lives. On completing the training programme, HK participants will be able to: identify the difference between creativity and innovation; recognize their own creativity; build their own creative environment; explain the importance of creativity and innovation in business; apply problem-solving steps and tools; use individual and group techniques help generate creative ideas; implement creative ideas.

7 Thinking Tools for Generating Extraordinary Ideas 7種思維工具助你想出獨到點子 - Training programme coaches Hong Kong course participants with 7 thinking tools to help them generate extraordinary ideas, and turn these ideas into actions.

Creative Problem Solving 創意解難技巧訓練 - Training workshop aims at coaching concepts and skills to facilitate the process of innovation so that members of any corporate organization in Hong Kong can handle critical change more effectively as well as creatively.

Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving 分析思維法與解難技巧 - Organizations and individuals encounter problems everyday. Often these problems can be complicated by our unwise decisions, emotional reactions or panicky actions. To be able to do the right thing at the right time to critical problems is crucial to an organization's long term survival. Training programme coaches Hong Kong participants with the best strategy, as well as a set of top class tools to solve problems and make decisions rationally.

Innovative Thinking and Problem Solving 創新思維法與解難技巧 - Training programme coaches Hong Kong participants with strategy as well as a set of creative tools to solve problems and make critical decisions rationally. By applying the tools and techniques, HK attendees can adopt a strategic yet innovative approach to problem solving, thereby improving their overall productivity in the workplace.

Problem Solving and Decision Making 有效地解決問題和制定決策的法則 - Organizations and individuals encounter problems everyday. Often these problems can be complicated by our unwise decisions, emotional reactions or panicky actions. Training programme coaches Hong Kong participants with a good strategy as well as a set of creative and critical tools to solve problems and make decisions rationally.

Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making 運用創造力解決問題和制定決策 - We are continuously confronted with problems requiring us to make appropriate decisions that need a rational and creative approach to problem solving. Training program coaches Hong Kong participants with best strategy as well as set of top class creative tools to solve problems, and make critical decisions rationally. By applying the given tools and techniques, HK program attendees can adopt a creative approach to problem solving, thereby improving their overall productivity in the workplace. Click Here!

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Personal Effectiveness Training Programmes

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