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Influential Leadership 成為激勵人心的領導者

In a world of rapid changes and innovations, it is surprising to see many organizations are still governed by management practices that were essentially developed in the Industrial Age. Most managers find themselves faced with an increasing proportion of workers who are unmotivated order-takers, or dissatisfied burnouts. Some suffer from the burden of carrying too many under-performers. Some see a high staff turnover.

The Influential Leadership Workshop Hong Kong will coach program participants in four (4) new perspectives to lead others in a rapidly developing business environment. This short HK leadership development training program is especially useful for those who are open to learn new management practices as well as services, and prefer innovative solutions to strict compliance in their business environment.

Leadership Skills 領導力訓練工作坊

To succeed in the ever-changing business landscapes, organizations need to focus on their core competencies by building the strengths of their managers as well as helping them to correct and upgrade their areas of improvement. This is especially important when the organization is undergoing rapid development and people need to be ever-ready to take on new roles and responsibilities. To facilitate the development of core business competencies, HK managers must be able to learn to develop their set of Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge in order to pursue the right solutions for the teams they are leading.

The Leadership Skills Workshop coaches Hong Kong training program participants with best perspectives to lead others effectively, and is especially useful for those who are open to be coached in new business management practices and services.

Corporate Leadership Development 企業領導力發展研討會

The Corporate Leadership Development Workshop Hong Kong is designed for organisational middle and senior managers who want to enhance their leadership skills to more effectively lead their subordinates to achieve better business results. The training workshop consists of a series of carefully designed processes that will coach HK course participants to become aware of their own leadership capabilities. This corporate leadership development workshop incorporates action-based skills practice; with experiential activities that include role plays, debriefing sessions, open discussions and mini-lectures, all designed to increase awareness and enhancement of leadership skills.

Leadership Coaching 企業教練服務

The Leadership Coaching Hong Kong training program adopts the Harrison Assessment concept of balancing one’s dynamic and gentle traits to exert the highest influence. The leadership coach will aim to optimize HK team leaders’ behavioural competencies to drive, develop and motivate team members to deliver desirable and sustainable results. The leadership coachee will sharpen and deepen their leadership skills consistently involving any communication. The objective of the Hong Kong leadership coaching program is to induce behavioural change such that HK business leaders will accelerate their services and people management skills.

Innovations in Leadership (Process-Focused Approach) 變革型領導力

It is difficult to find anyone who disagrees with the notion that leadership at every level of today's HK organization is a critical success factor. But how is this achieved? We know that there are only a few great leaders, and that business leadership skills are very special.

The Innovations in Leadership training course / seminar in Hong Kong will coach you in the critical processes needed to be an effective modern leader in any organization, within either the Public or Private sector. This is a unique opportunity for you to learn via this program how to master the latest business leadership development techniques and services that will make a difference - you can use these powerful solutions yourself or for demonstrating to others.


Leadership in the 21st Century 21 世紀的領導力 洞察與賞識

The leadership landscape is littered with many fads and populist sayings of how one should “lead” in a hyper-fast, highly interconnected world where social media reigns supreme in real-time.

This short Hong Kong leadership training course is geared towards making participants THINK, REFLECT, ENGAGE their intellect as well as emotions on the elusive topic of leadership. The program facilitator will provide essential reading materials as well as share wide ranging related experiences that will help HK course participants improve their leadership capabilities.

Managing People for Win-Win Results 雙贏思維的管理策略

The Managing People for Win-Win Results training seminar Hong Kong aims to equip business managers with the best knowledge and skills to become highly competent at developing solutions as well as influencing others to achieve top results. By attending this short HK business management course, program participants will be coached how to effectively achieve the following objectives:

  •   Implement best-in class practices for leadership and communication
  •   Harmonize and apply tools and practices to optimize productivity
  •   Develop a learning attitude for self and others

Survival Skills for Managers and Supervisors 管理人員必備的生存技能

The purpose of the Survival Skills for Managers and Supervisors training programme is to coach Hong Kong managers and supervisors as well as supervisor-to-be with the necessary managerial type skills and services to develop their work effectively. Skills learnt in this business management development course HK will result in more productive supervisory relationships, better teamwork, greater harmony as well as higher morale at the workplace.

Operational Risk Management - All Industries  操作風險管理 - 適用於所有行業

This dynamic, interactive one day Hong Kong risk management training course is designed to help organisations develop a ‘positive risk culture'. It provides course delegates with the knowledge and skills to manage Operational Risk at Strategic, Tactical and Operational level. This short managing risk training seminar can be tailored to the operational context of any HK client.

The Operational Risk Management Hong Kong training course gives delegates a contemporary oversight of the nature and scale of risk and provides a sound knowledge and understanding of the principles, framework and process of Operational Risk Management. It coaches HK course delegates with the knowledge, skills, solution tools and templates to effectively identify, analyse, evaluate and manage operational risk to internationally recognised standards.

Operational Risk Management - Live Entertainment and Performance Industry
操作風險管理 - 現場娛樂和表演業

This short Hong Kong Operational Risk Management training seminar has been specifically tailored to be relevant to those working in the live HK entertainment business, such as theatres, stage, arena, sports, and any other public performance events within Hong Kong.

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Managing Change 管理變革

Change Management is an organizational skill and the management’s capacity to drive change collectively as a team makes the difference. Change Management is a process consisting of specific events where techniques and discipline in application come into play. Change Management in Hong Kong gets results by building sponsorship from the top, creating leaders who will act as change agents and by putting the right structure and systems in place which allows for employees’ behavioural change at all levels of the organization.

The Managing Change training course offers Hong Kong participants key insights into change management and enables them to pick up valuable skills in managing changes specific to their HK organisation requirements.

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Hong Kong Team Building Training Solutions
October - November 2019

Building High Performance Teams 如何建立卓越的團隊

All managers and supervisors manage teams. The question is not team performance per se, but high performance or excellence in teams. This program focuses on providing participants with critical skill-sets to enable them to enhance their team performance as well as to bring out the best capabilities of the team members and create synergy.

The Building High Performance Teams training course Hong Kong will give your management team a common understanding of trends, requirements, practices and their application which are relevant for performing effectively as managers and leaders. It is designed to integrate experiential, action based, class room and on the job learning. Case studies as well as assessment tools will be applied. Group discussions and interactive dialogues with the participants will ensure practical learning and reflection. It can be customized to fit any HK organization's requirements and leadership models.

Team Building – Developing Your People Advantage 建立團隊 - 發展人材優勢

Succeeding in today’s business environment involves more than just having the right products and services, or the right processes and systems, or even the use of latest technologies. Success also means having your people motivated and operating at their peak potential and aligned towards your company’s business goals.

Using Experiential Learning, this Hong Kong Team Building training workshop offers you a personal impactful experience of how your people may be currently thinking and behaving in your organisation, and how their behaviour could be affecting your company’s results.

Coaching and Motivating Your Work Team 如何訓練及激勵你的團隊

It is common experience that having a skilled and motivated workforce is vital for an organization, regardless of the organization's mission and strategies. Knowing how to coach and motivate people has become an essential skill for a top class HK business manager.

The Coaching and Motivating Your Work Team training course Hong Kong will provide participants with the best business skills and techniques to coach and motivate others, especially their own work teams.

Developing Team Effectiveness and Collaboration 建立團隊效能與協作能力

As organizations become more flat and less hierarchical, team working is quickly becoming the preferred practice in many business firms today. Since teams by necessity involve people with different background and talents, effective team work involves a variety of management, communications skills and solutions. It also requires team members to collaborate with each other.

The Developing Team Effectiveness and Collaboration training programme Hong Kong explores key elements in good team building, and coaches course participants with the best solutions required to develop, lead and contribute to good team work. Skills learnt in this short HK team management training course will help participants build their own teams at the business workplace.

Collaboration and Emotional Intelligence 掌控情商 - 促進職場合作

IQ, technical skills and experience, in combination, contribute to employment competence. When IQ is combined with EQ (Emotional Intelligence) it invariably achieves significant efficiency in any given work situation. Practising EQ increases the ability to be flexible in adapting one’s innate skills and experience, and to motivate oneself as well as others. Can EQ be learnt? YES, It can.

Team Communication 團隊溝通策略

Google’s Project Aristotle, surveying 180 teams, identified the principal trait in all successful teams, namely 'psychological safety'. Feeling confident to share ideas, facilitates an individual to think out of the box thus enabling development, support and achievement of team goals - and 'acceptance of each other' is a primary source of achieving psychological safety.

This short Hong Kong Team Communication training program develops one’s mindset as well as skill-set enabling course attendees to thrive on commonality, and to also enjoy each others differences.

Personality Styles in Team Communication 性格分析 : 把握團隊溝通技巧

Blending interest, initiatives and motivation of self with others to produce mutually satisfying results is the key to successful team communication. Suiting the communication style to the team members’ personalities raises the harmony and connection, which drives up business efficiency.

In this Personality Styles in Team Communication workshop, Hong Kong training programme participants will have the following takeaways:

  •   Develop essential solutions to achieve team efficiency
  •   Build on commonalities and enjoy differences
  •   Know the personality style of self and others
  •   Discover the key to rapport building
  •   Convey clear messages by finding the right context
  •   Motivate initiatives on tasks as well as relationships
  •   Manage differences in expectations, roles and interests
  •   Connecting team members with different personalities

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