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Design Thinking + Critical Problem Solving + Strategic Decision Making + Innovation

Managing Meetings + Tasks + Time Management

Assertiveness Skills 堅定自信技巧訓練

Influence and Communicate to Build Trust and Rapport with Colleagues, Superiors and Customers

The Assertiveness Skills Workshop Hong Kong enhances critical personal services and professional organizational development. Participants of this short HK training course will develop the following strategic personal assertiveness skills:

  •   Understand essential attributes of trust building
  •   Identify checklist of trust building behaviours
  •   Learn communication model to speak confidently
  •   Build credibility with verbal / non-verbal language
  •   Learn personal and social emotional intelligence
  •   Practice empathetic listening techniques
  •   Adapt to different personality styles
  •   Negotiate expectations to achieve win-win outcome

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Business Etiquette 商務禮儀入門

Mastering good business etiquette is a valuable skill-set that will make one stand out from others, enhance chances of success and smoothen customer relationship to boost corporate business opportunities in Hong Kong. This short HK Business Etiquette training workshop will coach program participants to act professionally and creatively as well as exercise best personal effectiveness in order to build a memorable impression to facilitate critical business success.

Business Etiquette - The China Experience 商務禮儀 (中國加強版)

Trust, Likability and Competence (TLC) for Building Instant and Lasting Rapport

Business Etiquette - The China Experience training program Hong Kong introduces a creative success model known as Trust, Likability and Competence (TLC) for connecting with others and building instant as well as lasting rapport. In creating a consistently memorable pleasant experience with their internal and external audiences, corporate employees steer ahead in the competitive business world.

This short HK Business Etiquette training workshop will coach program participants to professionally and successfully act on the mainstream of business etiquette effectiveness with specific references to cultural practices in China.

Corporate Image and Business Etiquette 專業企業形象與商務禮儀工作坊

Role of Personal Branding and Networking in Establishing and Enhancing your Company's Corporate Message

In today's competitive business world, projecting a positive, professional image as a representative of your company is vital for your company's as well as your personal development and success. Before selling a product, service or your company, you have to first sell yourself.

The Corporate Image and Business Etiquette training course Hong Kong focuses on developing top class, non-verbal personal communication and behavioural skills. By utilising role-playing, feedback sessions and discussions, the program provides critical knowledge as well as practical solutions required to successfully project a good professional image. This short HK business etiquette training program coaches participants in strategic personal effectiveness skills required to conduct oneself in business and social occasions more confidently, develop deeper relationships that focuses on giving as well as sharing, and building the best professional corporate image.

Professional Image and Business Etiquette 專業形象和商務禮儀

Project Memorable Image and Communicate Trust, Likability and Competence (TLC)

Effective communication is about connecting with our audience. Connection is both on the logical and emotional levels. Making sense to the audience to ease their full understanding and engaging them in trusting interaction are critical soft skills for corporate business professionals to contribute to teams and accomplish collaboration effectively.

This short Professional Image and Business Etiquette Hong Kong training course will coach attendees with world class strategic skills to successfully develop and project a memorable personal image, as well as communicate Trust, Likability and Competence (TLC).


Etiquette Training for Technical Professionals 技術專業人員的禮儀培訓

The Etiquette Training for Technical Professionals workshop coaches Hong Kong program participants in the principles of creative people communication. This short training program will coach HK participants how to act professionally, as well as exercise best personal effectiveness in the workplace, in relation to professionalism and good business etiquette.

Professional Image and Social Etiquette Essentials 塑造專業形象及商務禮儀工作坊

Mastering the art of presenting a professional business image, and achieving personal branding, can be adapted dynamically to meet the needs of differing situations, allowing oneself to be unique, confident and the best. This short Professional Image and Social Etiquette Essentials Hong Kong training program will coach attendees to recognize those personal effectiveness image details that distinguishes oneself from the competition within HK.

Business Networking to Build Trusting Relations 透過人脈以建立信任的關係

Sharing and giving is the spirit of networking to build relations. An organization will thrive on the employees’ initiatives to successfully forge relations and collaboration by speeding up the engagement process.

In this short Hong Kong Business Networking Skills to Build Trusting Relations training workshop, program participants will be coached in top class strategic corporate business networking skill set development, mastering the critical engagement processes of  personal Trust, Likability and Competence.

Personal Branding and Professional Image 如何建立職場個人品牌與專業形象

We all agree that the first personal impression is everything when starting a great conversation in business. But how can you gain trust from customers or interviewers within minutes of first interaction? Is it important for your frontline staff to effectively develop and project the brand identity of your company? By mastering the art of professional business image effectiveness and personal branding, one can adapt creatively to meet the needs in different situations, and allowing oneself to dress as well as groom effectively to project one’s best image with confidence as well as professionalism.

The Hong Kong Personal Branding and Professional Image training workshop will coach program participants to recognize and develop best image details that successfully distinguishes oneself from the prevailing HK business competition.

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Design Thinking Fundamentals 設計思考工作坊

Organizations often need to design products, services or events for their clients or staff. Whilst the resulting creative developments may meet the specified strategic business requirements, very often they may still fall short of users’ expectations once they are rolled out. One common problem many designers face is that critical requirements are rather ill-defined, often focusing on solving a “problem” instead of developing an effective solution for users.

This short, Hong Kong training course provides an overview of the fundamentals of critical Design Thinking, a 5-stage design methodology that facilitates a successful solution-based approach to solving strategic problems.

Critical Thinking 批判性思維工作坊

To enable critical thinking in HK, one must understand the situation and formulate better solutions to resolve or alleviate a situation. To do this well, the fundamental problem solving techniques need to be clearly understood. In addition, the creative art and skill of asking effective questions is mandatory. Finally, the assumptions or prejudices that one brings to the situation needs to be carefully managed.

The Critical Thinking training course Hong Kong will coach program participants how to:

  •   Acquire tools and skill sets that enhance critical thinking
  •   Be aware of biases that dampen critical thinking
  •   Enhance critical thinking capability
  •   Ensure clarity in making critical judgments
  •   Ensure effective strategic decision making

Strategic Thinking 戰略思維訓練

Most organizations go through some form of strategic planning cycles involving two (2) broad phases: strategy 'formulation' and 'execution'. As strategy reflects the collective wisdom of the organization, it is imperative that it should be creatively as well as critically designed, developed and executed effectively.

The Hong Kong Strategic Thinking training course provides a comprehensive approach to strategy concepts, its implications on management teams as well as the aftermath of strategy formulation and execution. This HK critical thinking training course adopts a practical, applications oriented approach to addressing strategy issues at the management team level, and aims to develop the personal, strategic thinking capability of Hong Kong course participants through their grasp of effective strategy development and deployment. The strategic thinking training program also addresses the change implications for HK organizations when critical changes in strategy are made, with a focus on downstream organizational impact.

Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills 有效地解決問題和制定決策的法則

The Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills training course Hong Kong offers a comprehensive approach to learn about  creative problem solving techniques and the strategic decision making processes needed to manage the resolution of problems successfully. It aims to equip the HK course participants with top class, professional skill-sets, tools, techniques and background information to become personally effective at managing strategic problem solving and critical decision making. The Hong Kong training program will focus on the critical pitfalls to avoid when defining problems and seeking effective strategic solutions.

Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making 運用創造力解決問題和制定決策

We are continuously confronted with critical problems that require us to make strategic decisions. Why is it that some people find it easy to solve problems with simple decision making while others find this feat nearly impossible? Some problems are more complex, like deciding how to prioritize our work, or understanding why a process failed and deciding what to do about it; these require a strategic and creative approach to effective problem solving and decision making.

The Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making training course Hong Kong coaches program participants with the best strategies, good set of creative methodologies and tools to solve problems effectively, as well as make critical decisions strategically. By applying top class tools and techniques, HK training program attendees will develop a personal, creative approach to the problem solving and decision making process, thereby successfully developing their professional services and productivity as staff members.

On completing this short creative problem solving and strategic decision making training, HK course participants will be coached in the following skills:

  •   Selecting strategic problem solving techniques and tools
  •   Distinguishing problem causes from symptoms
  •   Applying creative approach to problem solving and decision making
  •   Identifying critical problem solving and decision making solutions
  •   Thinking towards creative design solutions

Innovative Thinking and Problem Solving 創新思維法與解難技巧

The Innovative Thinking and Problem Solving training course Hong Kong provides participants with the best strategy as well as a set of top class tools and techniques to effectively solve critical problems and make personal decisions strategically. By applying such professional methodologies, HK program attendees will be able to develop a personal and strategic yet innovative approach to problem solving, thereby successfully improving their overall productivity as valued staff members in the workplace.

In this short innovative thinking and problem solving training program, HK course participants will be coached how to:

  •   Adopt a 4-step process to problem solving
  •   Identify barriers to innovation
  •   Develop strategic and creative ideas
  •   Turn design ideas into effective actions
  •   Sell screened design ideas to management

Creative Thinking and Innovation 啟發創意思維與創新

Creative thinking and strategic innovation are vital components of professional working lives in Hong Kong. However, many people regard themselves as personally lacking creativity. In fact, what most of us do not recognize is that we are creative on a daily basis, whether it’s picking out what food to eat in the morning or stretching a tight budget at work. Whilst these tasks may not normally be associated with creativity, however there is critical thinking involved to get those jobs done in HK.

On completing this strategic Creative Thinking and Innovation training course, HK program participants will be coached how to:

  •   Identify differences between creativity and innovation
  •   Recognize their own creativity
  •   Develop their personal creative environment
  •   Explain the importance of creativity and innovation in business
  •   Apply effective problem-solving methods and tools
  •   Use individual and group techniques help generate creative ideas
  •   Develop creative and strategic design processes

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Task and Time Management 時間與日程管理

Time is a precious asset. Wasted time is equivalent to money being thrown out of the window - so time needs to be utilized creatively. In view of the tempo of today's corporate business world, HK staff members must learn how to personally manage time in the best way possible, whilst fulfilling their critical task requirements successfully.

The Task and Time Management training course Hong Kong provides a strategic framework for seminar participants to manage their time and task activities effectively, in particular, they will be coached how to schedule priorities, remove time wasters, and motivate self as well as others.

Time Management for Work-Life Balance 作好時間管理 -實踐工作與生活平衡

Work Faster, Do Less, and Get Creative is the Key to Task and Time Management for Work-Life Balance

Training participants undertaking the Work-Life Balance Time Management course Hong Kong will be coached how to effectively:

  •   Master time management to get optimum returns
  •   Develop and schedule critical priorities
  •   Maintain work life balance
  •   Design strategic methods, smart task processes

Effective Meeting Skills 提升會議效率的技巧

Focused Meetings to Get Results

Meetings come in for a lot of criticism in organizations. There are too many of them. They often focus on trivialities and miss the real issues. They are rated as the number one time-waster by most staff members, including management. At the same time, most businesses cannot do without effective meetings. What HK corporate organizations need are essential means to be able to time manage strategic meetings in order to successfully route in productive energy, generate creative input, and fulfill the commitment to critical actions.

On completion of the Effective Meeting Skills training program, Hong Kong course participants will be coached how to:

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